Guam Homeschool Resource Center


We are Leslie and Colleen Smith--We have homeschooled 5 children over the course of more than twenty years. We have studied and sampled a huge variety of curricula, programs and strategies, so we can assist you in finding what is best for your family.

The Guam Homeschool Resource Center is an independent resource center for anyone on Guam who is homeschooling, plans to homeschool in the future, or is trying to decide what to do. Our goal is to be an additional source of help to people who are exploring their educational choices.

We are a library, a free internet cafe, and a listening and compassionate ear. We have an extensive array of catalogs, books and other printed material, as well as on-line resources that we have collected over the years. Our 20 years of personal experience with home education is another resource that younger families often find helpful.

Guam has three local homeschool support groups. Two for the military - The Guam Military Christian Homeschoolers Support Group (Formerly Navy Homeschoolers)  and the Andersen Homeschool Group - and the local Guam Homeschool Association. All homeschoolers are welcome to utilize our resource center. We will offer support, encouragement and input to help you in your decision-making with regards to teaching your kids at home on Guam.

You are invited to stop by our modest little resort oasis in the heart of Downtown East Agana. We have a fine, sandy beach to play on or to just relax. We have bathroom and showers, air conditioning and good, hot coffee. We also have computer stations with Wi-Fi connection.

My children are a bit shy, but they are not mean, or bullies. They like to play with other nice kids, and they don't care if the other kids are a bit older or younger. And of course we have age-appropriate activities for all children.

Our business pays the rent, so please be patient if we are taking care of customers. Other than that, we don't have a lot of rules. We will be collecting information about what people (you) want or need to have happen for us to assist you. Are you looking for group activities? Are you looking for support? Want to find the best website for teaching math?

We are here to help.